Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the answer of your all questions

We are an established Sikar based website which helps people in searching rental rooms/houses/ offices/PGs and also properties for sale available within Sikar. Also if someone wishes to rent out his property, he can do that either by posting it on our site or by just giving a call to us & we will be posting that on our website within 24 hours.

Listing for any type of rental accommodation/office/PG is free and we do not charge you even a pie for that. However if you wish to avail premium listing facilities, we will charge you as per the rate list mentioned in http://roominsikar.com/advertise-with-us/

Absolutely not. Roominsikar.com is established with the aim of elimination of the brokers or middle man from rental transactions. We in fact are giving a fair, better & transparent platform to both tenants and landlords.

Our main income source is through premium listing and banner advertisements.

Thousands of sikarites are searching for rooms, flats, shops, offices & properties every day. Through roominsikar.com, they are getting a common platform to view and compare various available options. And all of them will be able to view your post as well.

Major portion of entries we get through posts & phone calls made by people. Apart from that we also have our team gathering data for rental and selling properties throughout Sikar.

Roominsikar.com is already committed to satisfy shelter needs for the people in Sikar. But because of hundreds of rooms, PGs, offices getting added to the list every day; not all posts get seen by the customers. To provide an advantage to the people who are willing to pay and who are in urgent need of getting their paying guest or room rented out, we have introduced premium listing. In premium listing, your post appears daily on the first page along with photos and in depth details given by you about your property. Check the following link as an example http://roominsikar.com/One-Independent-Room-On-Bajaj-Road-Sikar/. We also ensure regular publicity of these special posts on social networking sources for a boost in viewers. Premier list charges are 1000/- for a month. For the entire duration, you post will appear on the first page along with the photos and in depth details. we also provide complementary banner advertisement to further boost your publicity. You can contact us directly at +91-9799996398 for more details.

Roominsikar.com is a site specifically designed for the people of Sikar. Our visitors are landlords or tenants of Sikar. We get thousands of such people daily on our site and these people are involved directly with the regular businesses happening in Sikar. When you advertise with us, you are investing your money to reach people of Sikar directly. With internet revolution and changing generation, advertising scenarios are changing. Roominsikar.com is the only source of online advertising in Sikar. Our advertising charges start from 1000/- per month. We further help you by providing a customized page for your business. Also if you want a heavy advertisement, a website design or anything of that sort; we can do it as per your requirement. You can contact us directly at +91-9799996398 and [email protected] for more details